The Doko Way

Doko is your healthy restaurant choice in Shunyi and Wangjing, Beijing. Doko makes (and delivers) fresh, ready-to-eat meals, and we believe eating healthy should be convenient, affordable but most importantly DELICIOUS!

Don’t waste time searching for, planning or preparing meals – let us do the work! Available for dine-in, single-order delivery, or a weekly meal-plan style.


Build your Own Bowl has changed the game for Doko fans!

Slimming down, staying lean, or clean bulking? Picky eater? With the newly added Build Your Own Bowl, if there is something you want to change on one of our menu items, then why not get creative and tailor a meal to suit your needs!

Or choose from Doko Healthy, Japanese, or Italian – most importantly, choose to feel healthy, energized and motivated every day.

Download Doko’s BYOB Menu

Doko Pizza

Here is an updated and more detailed description of all of the Doko Pizzas. You can find all of our ingredients and the special low-fat accompanying dipping sauces!

Zero Calorie Super Noodle

The introduction of our new menu brought the Doko Zero Calorie Super Noodle! This noodle is made from a super- water absorbent Japanese Yam , that results in them being ZERO calories, ZERO carbs ! Also delicious.

You care.

We listened.

Just like you wouldn’t put toxins into your body, you also shouldn’t put toxins into the earth. 90% of our food packaging utilises bamboo pulp food packaging, providing a sustainable alternative when compared to traditional oil-based food packaging

Made from a rapidly renewable resource, it is microwave safe, freezer safe and oven safe to 220°C – the ultimate all-rounder