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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are ingredients sourced from?

Our chefs source fresh, local ingredients from multiple specialized suppliers that we have worked hard to identify. Doko imposes strict quality control procedures to ensure our locally-sourced products meet the high standards our customers have come to expect, differentiating ourselves from other quick-serve restaurants. We have a strict screening process before we decide to officially partner with any supplier, as food quality is our number one concern.

How fresh is my meal?

Meals are prepared daily by our top chefs each and every morning, so you know you’re getting ultimate freshness!

Can I modify my meal?

Yes! Simply follow our ordering system, and let us know your preferences in the appropriate boxes. If you need a more significant alteration, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on our channels above.

Can I order more than one meal per day?

Of course! Simply add another order to your cart for the same day. Doko makes a great leftover dinner, either reheated or cold!

How long will the meal keep?

Our meals are best consumed fresh! However we don’t use any preservatives, if refrigerated, meals will last 24-48 hours.

My meal wasn’t as expected – make this right!

Above all we want you to be happy – before writing us a bad review or complaining to your colleagues, come to us first – we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re a happier customer than ever before!

I’m allergic to __ - can you accommodate me?

Yes! Doko takes allergies very seriously (Aleks is allergic to the gym!) Make sure to let us know in the ordering screen so we can ensure you receive a safe (and tasty!) meal, and we’ll back it up by confirming you receive your adjusted meal upon delivery.

Can I microwave the containers?

Yes! Most Doko meals are just as delicious hot as they are cold. However, we always recommend microwaving in porcelain or glass vessels as this is the safest way to reheat food.


Can you deliver outside the green zone?

Yes – within reason! We generally deliver orders in bulk, so you’re more likely to get accepted outside the green zone if you have 5 or more friends or colleagues also hoping to get a Doko fix. That being said, contact us regardless – we might already be looking to expand into your area!

My plans changed - can I pause my order?

Sure! Give us a shout before 10:00am through WeChat or phone call, and we’ll pause your meal plan as long as you need!

Do you offer receipts / fapiaos?

Yep, we’re legit! Contact us above if you require a fapiao for your business or personal use.

Can I choose when to receive my meal?

Currently we follow a pre-planned delivery schedule – but get in touch if you need special accommodation and we’ll try our best to work it in! We’ll be partnering with third-party delivery companies in the near future, so watch this space!


Can you cater my wedding / baby shower / cat’s birthday?

We love to cater! Doko can help create a fully customized menu for you – not just limited to Doko Healthy, Italian, or Japanese, but any taste of the rainbow! We’ll work with you to make sure your guests are left full, satisfied, and (hopefully) addicted to Doko.

How do you work out nutritional information?

Every portion of each ingredient is weighed, and Head Chef Aleks calculates the nutritional information based on these portion sizes. That means our nutritional information is accurate and consistent meal-to-meal.

I love Doko – are you hiring?

Doko loves new faces, and our business is rapidly growing. We’re always keen to talk to other like-minded individuals who share our passion for healthy living with a hard work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. If this sounds like you, reach out to us above!