Restaurant & Delivery Zones

Our full menu is available dine-in at our flagship Shunyi restaurant next to Western Academy of Beijing at 来广营东路8号, while our meal plans can be delivered within the green zone below. Call us on 8470-2874 for same-day orders!

Outside the zone? Get in touch – The Doko delivery net is constantly expanding, and we’d love to include you!

Don't Sacrifice Flavour

Our wide array of balanced, filling meals are low in sugar & sodium, have no added oils or fats and are jam-packed with essential vitamins & nutrients.

Vegetables are served raw, steamed or dry-roasted in order to retain all their positive health benefits. Meals are prepared daily so you know you’re getting ultimate freshness.

What is Doko?

Don't waste time searching for, planning or preparing meals - let us do the work! Doko makes fresh, healthy, ready-to-eat meals in Beijing - available for single-order delivery, weekly meal-plan style or dine-in

We believe eating healthy should be convenient, affordable but most importantly delicious.

Let us do the cooking

Our weekly meal plans can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank – or get to know us first by ordering daily to get a taste of what’s on offer!

Orders must be placed before 10:00am for same day delivery (lunch), but we recommend signing up to a weekly plan and letting us, serve you!

The power of choice

Slimming down, staying lean, or clean bulking? We have a plan for you. Picky eater? We’ll personalize each meal based on your food preferences.

Choose from Doko Healthy, Japanese, and Italian – but most importantly, choose to feel healthy, energized and motivated every day.

You care. We listened.

Just like you wouldn't put toxins into your body, you also shouldn't put toxins into the earth. 90% of our food packaging utilises bamboo pulp food packaging, providing a sustainable alternative when compared to traditional oil-based food packaging

Made from a rapidly renewable resource, it is microwave safe, freezer safe and oven safe to 220°C - the ultimate all-rounder

Head Chef & Co-Founder: Aleks


Aleks loves food. So much, in fact, that he ate until he weighed over 270lbs. Not feeling happy about the way he looked or felt and allergic to gyms, Aleks instead decided to focus on his diet.

Over the last eight years he developed extremely healthy and balanced recipes and cooking methods that maintain full flavour.

His love for food remains, and he’s lost 100lbs in the process! His passion is to share these healthy, flavourful meals to the masses...

CEO & Co-Founder: Simon


Two weeks after touching down in 2011, Simon got his first introduction into the Beijing start-up scene working with local food-delivery powerhouse Jinshisong.

Seeing the potential of China's surging food delivery industry but finding eating healthy in Beijing a challenge, Simon sought to put his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for a healthy and active lifestyle to use.

Crossing paths with Aleks, the stars aligned, and Doko was born...

Marketing Director: Philip

Philip Chen

Joining the team as a shareholder in 2017, Philip is a proud product of the Beijing International School community. Coming hot off an internship at PriceWaterhouseCoopers he combines his finance and sales saviness with a love of healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Find him playing for the Doko ice hockey team, at the gym, or just as likely next to Justin Bieber's old girlfriends...