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Meals available for single-order delivery, weekly meal-plan style or dine-in at our restaurant.


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Doko is your healthy restaurant choice in Shunyi, Beijing. Doko makes (and delivers) fresh, ready-to-eat meals, and we believe eating healthy should be convenient, affordable but most importantly delicious.

Don't waste time searching for, planning or preparing meals - let us do the work! Available for dine-in, single-order delivery, or a weekly meal-plan style

What's your goal?

Slimming, maintaining, bulking? Omnivore, carnivore, rice-avore? Choose from three meal plans that fit your dietary and lifestyle goals!

Get Slim

Don't sacrifice flavour when cutting body weight. Reduced calories and carbs in our Get Slim program help your body achieve calorie deficit and begin burning! Tasty veggies, lean meats & healthy fats replace carb-based ingredients, leaving you feel nourished & healthy

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Stay Lean

Maintain your weight and a healthy lifestyle while eating deliciously. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, don't waste time and energy deciding what to eat. We'll provide you with balanced, nourishing meals that provide energy to power through your day

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Clean Bulk

Build muscle, get stronger and lift more with our clean bulk plan. Designed for active individuals that need extra fuel to complement their workout and lifestyle. We focus on replenishing the body with macronutrients like lean protein, quality calories and ample carbs

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